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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maiden post... (of soccer hooligans and my web log history)

I do not wish to call this my first or virgin post. It has to be maiden.

This web log (don't wish to say blog) was created out of supreme boredom early in the morning at 0600H+. I was rudely awaken (at 0500H+) by crazy hooligans in my neighbourhood cheering like rabid dogs for their soccer teams (I think it is soccer. What other stupid games can they possibly cheer until like that). Shut the hell up soccer fans. This is not the first time I am rudely awaken and the countless time the hooligans have rioted. Soccer fans = Hooligans. I think this is an odd time of the day for soccer matches. Mind you, I am not a soccer fan and am a heavy sleeper who during this period usually wakes up at about noon. My mum's seem to think something big has to happen when I wake up this early. The hooligans have to be responsible for the five or six hours of sleep I missed. (I know people sleep five or six hours a day.) After about half to an hour of madness, I cannot get back to sleep. I saw some people getting to their cars. I believe they were the hooligans. Too bad I couldn't see their license plates. Wish they have accident on their way.

If these go on, we'll have to ban soccer match screenings. Or close down the coffeeshop. Or paralyse their vocal chords. Or send them to the Great Wall for hard labour. Or why can't they sit down like me and write a stupid web log? (At this time I am still not sure whether it is soccer but I checked the newspaper TV schedule and it does not seem to be so. I still strongly feel it is soccer. Let's have a scapegoat for convenience sake. I will try to replace the words when I know the real culprit. Shut up again, soccer fans.)

It will get worse when EURO 2008 comes (Or has it already come?). Swords will be drawn and blood will be shed.

Anyway, this is not my first attempt at writing web logs. Actually last I quit about six/seven years ago. Was at Open Diary (the free one), the pioneer of web logs! It seems to me I was quite ahead of my curve! I think I kept two diaries. Last I checked, at least one ceased to exist (due to inactivity?). I still remembered hacking and defacing people's diaries! Now I have grown out of all these (but succumbed back to web logging! Web logs and online diaries are the same are'nt they?) I quit reluctantly when my obsession of updating daily has taken its toll. I am determined not to let my web log control me this time. I realise as absolute ruler, it is absolutely inappropriate to be controlled by my web log (and succumb to social norms/trends, thus try to avoid "blog"). Posts and web logs exist on my whims and fancy. Ironically, back then I already felt the pointlessness of keeping online diaries. I felt it was only for girls and older people. What are diaries for?

This entry is subjected to changes.

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